From not asking for bedsheets and toiletries unnecessarily to making good use of door cards, there are many ways one can make a vacation eco-friendly while having fun, say experts.
Published 10-Oct-2017 00:15 IST
When it comes to picking a destination, the weather is often a deciding factor for most tourists, and for Dubai - a city that literally spells luxury - the harsh summer months last a little longer than in other parts of the world. But does that mean you should delay your dream trip till the onset ofMore
Published 09-Oct-2017 00:15 IST
"If travelling was free, you would never see me again"- This is the line repeated often by people like your friends and colleagues, who have a serious wanderlust.
Published 04-Oct-2017 00:15 IST
Is work stressing and tiring you out? How about a spa/yoga break! A mini vacation at a spa or yoga retreat is just what you need to beat the stress blues, relax and rejuvenate the senses.
Published 03-Oct-2017 12:00 IST
Stunning landscape dotted with rippling dunes, ornate mosques, beefy forts, bustling souqs, succulent dates, sun-kissed beaches, age-old traditions, ritzy hotels, beautiful wadis, friendly locals and incredible hospitality, Oman is now on every traveler's itinerary.
Published 16-Sep-2017 00:15 IST
With its scenic views, different yet amazing architectures and diverse people, India can make travellers enjoy an experience like never before.
Published 15-Sep-2017 00:15 IST
Copacabana Beach stands out among the most well known and excellent shorelines on the planet.
Published 14-Sep-2017 00:15 IST
Jordanian cultural roots go back to pre-historic times when mankind itself was evolving. The earliest human habitation evidence dates back to 250,000 years, wherein, the land has been home to humanoids from the pre-Paleolithic era seeing the onset of evolutionary specimens of the Homo-Erectus to theMore
Published 02-Sep-2017 00:15 IST
With miles of pristine coastline and endless Instagram-worthy views, California is the perfect place for shareable memories.
Published 16-Aug-2017 00:15 IST
Tokyo: To keep customers coming to this “sake house” this restaurant in Japan has got into some monkey business, by keeping pretty monkeys as waiters. The Kayabukiya Tavern has a unique concept of customer service and customer experience by hiring monkeys. These Macaque monkeys not only serve foodMore
Published 10-Aug-2017 14:59 IST | Updated 15:17 IST
The airport has claimed the top gong for the fourth year in a row and the 7th time altogether. Not just that it has ranked under top 3 from last 14 years by the Skytrax's World's Airport Awards. The efficiency, check-in, security procedures, schedule, architectural design, restaurants,More
Published 03-Aug-2017 11:37 IST | Updated 13:27 IST
If you are a rain lover, a few of these silver droplets from the sky not only soothes your soul but wilders you into a sphere of large pillows of clouds dabbing out the old-gold colour of the sun.
Published 02-Aug-2017 00:15 IST
Cavemen didn't need to skydive or go bungee jumping as their daily quest for survival was enough to pump their adrenaline levels, but now, with all those smartphones, supermarkets and desk jobs, our lives have become duller.
Published 01-Aug-2017 00:15 IST
It may be just about every traveller's pet peeve, but it turns out, nature's call need not always be a nightmare and can be answered beautifully.
Published 14-Jul-2017 10:03 IST
We are talking about Havana. A 17-hour journey by flight from India leads you to this Caribbean island of Cuba which is full of sun kissed beaches and is a host of cultural treasures.
Published 09-Jul-2017 00:15 IST
Beach. Bikini. Bliss! Are you a beach baby? Does the summertime excite you with the beachy vibes? Well, if the answer is yes, then get ready to hit the best beaches around the world.
Published 05-Jul-2017 12:45 IST
Indians are not the only ones to a take in the afternoon. Madrid is now having a new nap bar where people pay for reserving their beds for Siesta!
Published 05-Jul-2017 00:15 IST
One of the world's most visited cities, London has something for everyone: from history and culture to fine food and good times.
Published 04-Jul-2017 00:15 IST | Updated 11:24 IST
Britain's tourism office has announced the release of an interactive map to coincide with the 20th anniversary of the first Harry Potter book.
Published 27-Jun-2017 00:15 IST
Is there a better way to beat the merciless Indian summer than to head out for a vacay in Switzerland? Hint: there isn't.
Published 25-Jun-2017 00:15 IST | Updated 09:49 IST

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Social media promotes skeletal images of women
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