The Caribbean is a massive area peppered with islands both large and small, each of them having their unique identity and culture. While there is Jamaica with its Rastafarian culture, Aruba is known for its surprisingly dry and arid climate.
Published 24-Feb-2017 09:59 IST
The northeastern states are known for their starkly different cultures adding to the rich diversity of this country. Like language, traditions and art, food too is an important part of a culture. Scanning through the Seven Sister States, Mizoram appears with its homely traits and quaintMore
Published 08-Feb-2017 00:15 IST
Festive buntings and lights, puddings, gifts, family dinner and midnight mass- Christmas is an incredibly popular festival in India that symbolizes kindness and joy. Celebrated by people from all religions and states, the day is a great occasion for coming together with friends and family andMore
Published 23-Dec-2016 13:16 IST
Travelling after demonetisation is a tricky business. You are in a new place where no one is prepared to lend you a credit card and no one is willing to sell without the new currency. Try and book all-inclusive packages and check beforehand to ensure that your travel agent will accept cheques orMore
Published 29-Nov-2016 00:15 IST
While marriages are believed to be made in heaven; weddings are performed on earth. Every girl or boy has a dream to get a perfect marriage and no wonder these days destination weddings are much in demand.
Published 14-Nov-2016 13:15 IST | Updated 13:29 IST
Living a healthier lifestyle doesn't have to mean just cutting back on portion sizes, glugging green juices or banning booze. Why not book a hale and hearty holiday break? It might be a weekend outing to a farm.
Published 27-Oct-2016 00:15 IST
If nothing calms you like being close to Mother Nature and your idea of unwinding is getting away from the hustle bustle of the city, here are five must-visit spots in the country.
Published 11-Oct-2016 12:10 IST | Updated 12:15 IST
If the duration of a journey is between 5-12 hours, most travellers choose bus transport, says a survey which had participants hailing from cities like Chennai, Hyderabad, Delhi, Mumbai, Pune and Bengaluru.
Published 10-Oct-2016 12:37 IST
Among the hustle-bustle of a city life, you may crave to discover the spiritual side. India - the land of diversity, will amaze you with numerous places which have been testimony to the divine presence. A visit to those places is more than a pilgrimage, you can call it exploring the spiritual sideMore
Published 23-Sep-2016 13:28 IST
Bordered on the west by the bluish-green waters of the Arabian Sea and on the east by the lush green forests of the Western Ghats, Sindhudurg district in southwest coastal Maharashtra is a veritable tourist delight.
Published 19-Sep-2016 19:55 IST
Your first trip after marriage with your spouse is supposed to be your very special. Ideally, it ought to be a beautiful place, nestled in some quite hill station or a less populated beach, or some exotic island – anywhere that resembles your fancied destination. For people looking for some off-beatMore
Published 17-Sep-2016 07:45 IST
Gwalior has a lot in store when it comes to delivering lessons of the past. However, the biggest treasure in its chest is the Gwalior Fort. This 3 square km expanse comprises 6 palaces, 3 temples and some water tanks. And as the spectator looks at it from a distance, the shining blue tiles of ManMore
Published 17-Sep-2016 05:45 IST
Why do you travel? You will be amazed when people begin to answer this. If you are with with a knack for delving into history, visiting places of marvellous architecture and discovering the story behind it then visiting to castles must be 'your thing.' These structures, which were once theMore
Published 17-Sep-2016 04:15 IST
Two of the most sacred places of pilgrimage, for Hindus are Kedarnath and Badrinath, and is popularly known as Devabhumi. Devotees face the rough terrains and extreme weather of this region for a glimpse of Mahadev.
Published 16-Sep-2016 08:15 IST
Planning a vacation this season? Try regions which have yet not become popular as a tourists destination. India is dotted with amazing places which would surprise you with its uniqueness. The joy of exploring something that hidden from most people is unmatched. Here are some of such corners of IndiaMore
Published 16-Sep-2016 05:45 IST
If you want to go to the Nishkalank Mahadev Temple, you have to travel 1.5 kilometer into the Arabian Sea. This miraculous Shiva temple is located in the Bhavnagar district of Gujarat. It draws thousands of devotees who come to whorship the lord and get amazed by the location of the temple.
Published 16-Sep-2016 03:15 IST
Temples and auspicious places are as diverse as race, caste, language, geography and other such elements in this country. The number is so huge that it would not be easy to visit all those religious places in one lifetime. Here are some of such places in southern India which you may like for aMore
Published 15-Sep-2016 12:30 IST
Velankanni is a small town in Nagapattinam district in Tamil Nadu, which comes alive during the 11 day festival at the Basilica of Our Lady of Health. The Roman Catholic church is devoted to Our Lady of Health. The prominence of this church and strong devotion of the devotees could be traced back toMore
Published 15-Sep-2016 10:20 IST
"Why Itanagar? Go to Tawang," some may suggest. But the capital of Arunachal Pradesh, that borders China, has a lot to offer - peaceful places, fun nightclubs, good food and more.
Published 15-Sep-2016 10:09 IST
Tilted pillars, cracked steps and sliding stone canopies in a number of 7th-century A.D. temples in northwest India, are among the telltale signs that seismologists are using, to shed some light on historic earthquakes.
Published 15-Sep-2016 01:00 IST

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