Independence Day 2017, followed by a number of holidays, has extended a weekend. This has given ample opportunity to travel fanatics to pack those bags and set off on an adventure.
Published 15-Aug-2017 12:50 IST
Whenever we talk about Ladakh, the places that pop up in our mind are Khardung La Pass or Pangong Tso Lake or Nubra Valley or Shanti Stupa.
Published 09-Aug-2017 00:15 IST
Earth's wildlife is perhaps, one of nature's most precious gifts to humankind. Although there are lots of places globally that are known for their exotic range of wildlife, India is one that is home to some of the most magnificent creatures and plant life in the world, and we should feel privilegedMore
Published 07-Aug-2017 00:15 IST | Updated 10:18 IST
Travellers prefer travelling in a particular season of their choice. As the monsoon winds gear up to bring an amazing season of the year, Varun Gupta, CEO - lists top seven destinations that one can visit this monsoon.
Published 27-Jul-2017 00:15 IST
The bridge spanning over the river Hoogly in West Bengal stands tall for the last 74 years is considered as an emblem of the city of Kolkata!
Published 18-Jul-2017 00:15 IST | Updated 14:43 IST
With Prime Minister Modi's to Israel, we have found out that this country is also the best place to visit for almost all Indians!
Published 07-Jul-2017 00:15 IST
Our independent lifestyle has made us free of all dependencies and this has also given rise to traveling alone which in other words is called solo traveling.
Published 02-Jul-2017 00:15 IST
Till date, you have just uploaded your trip-tales on Instagram. Now, you can also plan your next vacation using the photo-sharing app.
Published 29-Jun-2017 00:15 IST
The monsoon is approaching the parts of the country swiftly and building a pleasant and pleasing environment for people to hit the roads.
Published 28-Jun-2017 00:15 IST
If you are a frequent traveler then you will ofcourse know, how minimizing the air ticket cost can help significantly reduce your travel budget.
Published 26-Jun-2017 00:15 IST
Jaipur has fished out of its trove heritage buildings and is dusting off its fabled pink markets and stepwells to make them all squeaky clean for the second anniversary of the launch of the Centre's smart city project.
Published 23-Jun-2017 00:15 IST
Nature is the ultimate solace. So, for a quick weekend getaway, head to Mangar Bani Valley, which is an oasis of retreat for city dwellers.
Published 20-Jun-2017 00:15 IST
This summer, take some off and go off to a trip with your BFF to distract your mind from the regular sweaty days.
Published 10-Jun-2017 00:15 IST
The concept of sustainable tourism points towards a considerate way to travel the world, ensuring that the natural, social and artistic environment of any place is not disturbed and that there is minimal or no environmental impact around tourism related activities.
Published 07-Jun-2017 00:15 IST
The last decade has seen tremendous growth in the aviation sector with more people flying than ever before. With the onset of this revolution, air travel has become the primary mode of transport for the common man for both leisure and business.
Published 10-May-2017 00:15 IST
Guwahati: Dwarves, ranging from one-and-a-half feet to three feet in height, across the country can now live in with dignity and comfort, with a theatre actor setting up a village with houses adapted to their stature.
Published 29-Apr-2017 08:47 IST | Updated 10:27 IST
The unusually warm winter is melting into summer and falling, as usual, in the cusp of this yearly weather transition is Holi, a heady festival of colour and laughter. If you love the sights, sound and colours of Holi, then travel to some of the most spectacular places in India where it is stillMore
Published 13-Mar-2017 10:38 IST
Look beyond modern infrastructure and wide concrete roads snaking through Indian cities and you will find the echoes of our glorious past. One of most striking historical sites in the country is Badami, a peaceful town in northern Karnataka.
Published 25-Feb-2017 00:15 IST
Popular hill stations like Shimla, Manali and Kasauli may be brimming with activity, but nothing can match the unique and charming vibe of Lansdowne. There is something infectious about this quaint cantonment that haunts you even after leaving the place.
Published 22-Feb-2017 10:45 IST

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