Want to spend quality time with your family on a vacation, but by not causing a hole in your pocket? Travel at less popular times as the price of flights varies considerably depending on the month, day and time of travel and try a private room instead of a hotel, experts say.
Published 22-Oct-2016 00:15 IST
Animals find a very special place in Hindu mythology and this temple in UP's Lakhimpur Kheri district has made a deity out of a toad and is thronged by devotees on Diwali among other occasions. It is believed that this amphibian changed the fate of a Rajput noble named Bakhat Singh.
Published 21-Oct-2016 13:35 IST
A toilet-themed cafe where customers dine on meatballs floating in soup-filled latrines may not be everyone's idea of haute cuisine, but Indonesians are flocking to become privy to the latest lavatorial trend. Guests at the "Jamban Cafe" sit on upright toilets around a table where food is served inMore
Published 19-Oct-2016 13:02 IST
Fear of the dead is perhaps one of the oldest forms of fear which humans have experienced. It’s amusing to see that even in an age of rapid scientific advancements this fear lingers in the public consciousness. Hospitals are pretty creepy. After all, you’re talking about big, sterile, labyrinthineMore
Published 18-Oct-2016 12:58 IST | Updated 13:04 IST
Kashmir's season of pleasure and plenty, the autumn, is here, but alas, the tragedy of the beleaguered valley this year has overshadowed everything that is good about the golden-brown season. For anyone coming to Kashmir in autumn, nature could just not have been more rewarding.
Published 14-Oct-2016 00:15 IST
With a view to modernise the old get-up of the passenger and express trains, the Indian Railways is set to introduce rail coaches with glass ceiling and infotainment systems, the Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) said on Monday.
Published 12-Oct-2016 11:47 IST
If nothing calms you like being close to Mother Nature and your idea of unwinding is getting away from the hustle bustle of the city, here are five must-visit spots in the country.
Published 11-Oct-2016 12:10 IST | Updated 12:15 IST
If the duration of a journey is between 5-12 hours, most travellers choose bus transport, says a survey which had participants hailing from cities like Chennai, Hyderabad, Delhi, Mumbai, Pune and Bengaluru.
Published 10-Oct-2016 12:37 IST
An agreement has been signed to develop an 'India friendly policy' to attract more tourists from India, the Russian Information Center said on Friday. The agreement was signed between the India-based Center, and Russia-based Visit Russia, National Centre for Marketing Tourism, Union of National andMore
Published 08-Oct-2016 15:56 IST
The celebrations are around the corner. The festive season observes a swarm of travellers flying back to their nest to celebrate Durga Puja/Diwali/ Chhath Puja with their families. Though it is wiser to make your plans well in advance, few circumstances lead you to make last minute plans which are aMore
Published 06-Oct-2016 12:16 IST
In Paris, people like naturism. Which is why there are specific areas where people can roam without clothes. But there are several other reasons why people may prefer to roam naked, under the sun, on the shore. This makes nude beaches so popular among people.
Published 04-Oct-2016 16:22 IST
Rightly stated by English writer Jerome K. Jerome in 'Three Men in a Boat,' 'bag packing is an art.' Whether you are a frequent traveller or travel only once in a blue moon, whether you like to travel light or carry whole house on vacation, there are a few essentials you can't do without.
Published 02-Oct-2016 13:52 IST

Oppn members travelling in AC bus during sangharsh yatra Tawde
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Adityanath shifts to official residence
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Crowd ransacks govt hospital in Thane; manhandles 2 doctors
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Parts of Andhra Pradesh reel under intense heat
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3 charred to death in oil tanker fire in Assam

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Men more prone to infertility due to less sleep
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Rejoice beer lovers! A pint a day keeps heart problems at bay
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Lose weight with these fruits without getting weak
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Foods that look like body parts are actually good for you

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Scribbling about fashion as a career choice
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Work and play hard to beat the stress!
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Mistakes to avoid in conversation
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Imagining dialogue may boost reasoning skills