Seoul [South Korea]: Following the footsteps of Oppo, Samsung has announced that it will no longer make new 4K Blu-Ray players for the US market.
Published 17-Feb-2019 08:22 IST | Updated 08:26 IST
New Delhi: Apple will be soon introducing the next iteration to its wireless AirPods. Speculations are rife that the AirPods 2 will boast enhanced audio output and new features.
Published 13-Feb-2019 11:30 IST
New Delhi: Now people using Skype video calling will have background blur option to blur messy room.
Published 10-Feb-2019 19:23 IST
New Delhi: Facebook Messenger has embraced human flaw. The platform, which seeks to become the default messaging service for the global population, has realised that it is hard to keep track of the thoughts while typing, which leads to erroneous messages and hence, an unsend button should beMore
Published 10-Feb-2019 16:12 IST | Updated 16:24 IST
San Bruno, California: The most useful and amazing video-sharing platform has now created a ban on uploading clips that depicts dangerous or emotionally distressing pranks.
Published 16-Jan-2019 12:03 IST
San Francisco: Facebook is testing a new feature to let users share events that they are interesting in attending to, on their "Stories" so that they can coordinate with friends and enjoy events together.
Published 15-Jan-2019 12:28 IST
San Francisco: To help small newsrooms overcome challenges in their strive to go digital, Google is creating a new publishing platform for local news publishers.
Published 15-Jan-2019 10:13 IST | Updated 10:17 IST
New Delhi: In a revolutionary innovation, Microsoft exhibited its new software at the World Book Fair here, that can enable people with special needs to control computers with only their eyes.
Published 10-Jan-2019 11:38 IST
Las Vegas: Tired of those boring white walls at home? Then you can try Scribit, the robot that draws on your walls.
Published 10-Jan-2019 10:25 IST
Las Vegas: After celebrating its 100th anniversary at last year's CES, Panasonic is keen to show it's now looking firmly to the future at the 2019 event.
Published 09-Jan-2019 11:29 IST
Vatican City: Pope Francis watched a circus performance on Wednesday during his first weekly audience of 2019, in the Paul VI hall at the Vatican.
Published 03-Jan-2019 11:48 IST
New Delhi: Posting random stuff on social media after getting drunk is something that a lot of us are guilty of.
Published 23-Dec-2018 15:48 IST
New Delhi: We are banking and shopping online more than ever. And we love it! But, it also means we are now more at risk of falling victim to Internet scammers. That's why you should keep an eagle eye on your PayPal, Amazon, Google Checkout and other online payment accounts, so you can spotMore
Published 22-Dec-2018 02:00 IST
New Delhi: Indians are obsessed with their smartphones and the latest report quantifies it in the best manner possible. According to the latest techARC Digit, smartphone users in India install more apps on their phones than they actually use. As per the insights, the average number of apps installedMore
Published 20-Dec-2018 02:00 IST
Facebook's Messenger Lite has got richer with more features such as animated GIFs and most customization features that were available in the full-sized Messenger app.
Published 06-Dec-2018 15:19 IST
He said he'd be back and now he is, a new Terminator robot.
Published 28-Nov-2018 11:44 IST | Updated 11:49 IST
Rome: A new study suggests excessive use of social media, particularly posting "selfie" photos, can cause increased narcissism.
Published 20-Nov-2018 17:22 IST | Updated 17:26 IST
Amazon on Monday released "Alexa Skill Blueprints" allowing users to create personalised skills and responses for its voice-based assistant Alexa in India.
Published 20-Nov-2018 00:15 IST
People's social media usage, which largely mirrors daily work schedules and school calendars, is causing a huge amount of "social jet lag" and disrupting their biological clocks, reveals a study that analysed patterns of activity on the social media platform Twitter.
Published 18-Nov-2018 00:15 IST
Facebook is testing a feature called "Watch Videos Together" on Messenger that would enable simultaneous co-viewing of videos over a group chat on different devices.
Published 17-Nov-2018 15:52 IST

Samsung to stop making 4K Blu ray players

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