These modaks have an outer covering made of rava and is stuffed with coconut, jaggery and cardamom.
Published 24-Aug-2017 12:23 IST | Updated 12:27 IST
These modaks are made without the traditional outer covering of rice dough and are instead made of kesar(saffron) and pistachio dough which shaped into modak using moulds.
Published 23-Aug-2017 10:28 IST
An addition to the filling of a traditional modak with an all-time favourite ingredient, peanut.
Published 22-Aug-2017 16:50 IST | Updated 17:26 IST
Ladoos are one of the most famous Indian sweets made during festive seasons or during special occasions. And when the occasion is Ganesh Chaturthi then the laddoos are a must do sweets. Now to this traditional laddoos, we have given a chocolatey twist. Check our recipe for the chocolate laddoos.
Published 21-Aug-2017 15:18 IST
Lord Ganesha's fondness for modak is well-known to all and has earned him the name 'Modakpriya'. And as Ganesh Chaturthi is just around the corner so today we bring you the recipe of steamed modak. This year the festival starts from 25th of August so hurry up and start your preparations. WithMore
Published 20-Aug-2017 17:27 IST | Updated 09:36 IST
This pulao is inspired by the colours of the Indian flag, saffron, white and green. As a traditional dish Pulao has a long history but at present, it has become an integral part of a formal and informal dish of Asian and Middle Eastern cuisines. And now with this tricolour twist, this popular riceMore
Published 15-Aug-2017 16:53 IST | Updated 17:19 IST
Dhokla is a dish that originates from Gujarat, it is very similar to the south Indian idli but the difference is the way in which it is served. Dhokla is made with a fermented batter of rice and dal and then steamed until it attains a spongy texture. Then these steamed cakes are garnished with greenMore
Published 15-Aug-2017 16:22 IST | Updated 16:25 IST
The addition of whipped cream can only improve the heavenly pairing of coffee and chocolate. For people who love their coffee even when the temperatures are soaring! This delicious concoction will keep you cool while still giving the boost of coffee and the unexpected twist of chocolate.
Published 12-Aug-2017 15:19 IST | Updated 15:33 IST
This simple and healthy sprouted moong dal pulao can be a great recipe to enjoy this weekend! An easy recipe to cook, all you need is to get the moong sprout and just include in the rice to get a pulao for yourself. This one pot meal is very helpful when you do not want to spent much of your timeMore
Published 12-Aug-2017 12:17 IST | Updated 14:38 IST
Indian festivals are a good occasion for bonding over food. And when it is a fun filled occasion of Raksha Bandhan, celebrating the bitter-sweet relation of brother and sisters, the celebrations and feast know no bound with family get together and elaborate eating. Here is our list of 5 traditionalMore
Published 07-Aug-2017 12:30 IST | Updated 12:41 IST
Chocolate pudding is a quick and easy chocolate recipe which is an easy way to satisfy chocolate cravings hearts and tummies. This recipe can also be made vegan-friendly by substituting milk with soy milk.
Published 07-Aug-2017 14:09 IST | Updated 14:15 IST
Weekends are time for slow,comfort and elaborate cooking. This weekend plan your day with these delicious, healthy and traditional recipes. And if eating out no more excites you then enjoy a quality time with your friends and loved ones with homemade food. Here is our set of recipe from breakast toMore
Published 06-Aug-2017 06:00 IST | Updated 11:36 IST
Masala oats omelette is a quick and healthy egg recipe for breakfast. This oats omelette can also be had for a light lunch or dinner too and is quite filling and heavy.
Published 04-Aug-2017 17:24 IST | Updated 17:30 IST
It is really healthy, easy to make and a great change from the wheat rava upma and also a break away from the boredom of eating the same old idlis. And the addition of carrots, cashews, curry leaves and lots more stuff make these idlis colourful and delicious.
Published 03-Aug-2017 17:26 IST | Updated 17:29 IST
The appearance of the dish really has a wow factor when you stew the chicken and vegetables across the rich creamy polenta. Polenta is a dish made of cornmeal. And here we have used vegetables and chicken to make this whole affair more tasty and healthy as well.
Published 02-Aug-2017 16:55 IST | Updated 17:01 IST
Sprouted moong bean is very healthy as the breakdown is less when compared to other lentils. Here we had rolled these roles as akki roti/ biyam roti. Since there is no gluten, you will not have a dough like wheat rather like rice flour. Adding all the vegetables gives body and you can easily pat itMore
Published 02-Aug-2017 15:23 IST | Updated 15:35 IST
The first thing that the word scramble brings to our mind is an egg. Usually, we have bread toasts with omelettes or scrambled egg during week days. In our busy schedules, breakfast scramble is the best thing to start your day with but eggs on a daily basis have its own health hazards for many. AsMore
Published 01-Aug-2017 16:49 IST | Updated 16:55 IST
A simple and delicious omelette treat for those egg lovers who really find it hard to imagine any recipe without eggs. And this omelette comes with a good dosage of yummy cheese and healthy dose of spinach. A hearty and healthy meal to start your day with.
Published 31-Jul-2017 16:54 IST | Updated 17:00 IST
Weekends are always special as we get to spend quality time with our family. Breaking the boredom of daily schedules the bonding over food and fun is elaborate. So this Sunday share the sweetness of being with your family with this Rajasthani traditional dessert recipe. And let us know how much youMore
Published 30-Jul-2017 07:00 IST | Updated 17:10 IST
The recipe for this idli is almost the same as regular rava idli. You can try making these with either instant wheat puttu flour (puttu is a rice steam cake is a very popular recipe of Kerala cuisine, for that recipe special wheat and rice flour is available) or plain wheat flour. This batter had toMore
Published 29-Jul-2017 16:07 IST | Updated 16:17 IST

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