Ramadan is here and so is the season of feasting on special iftar delicacies. So this season get your hands on some of the delectable recipes and add variety to your menu. Chef Kareem Ali from Le Patio, St. Regis - Al Habtoor City, Dubai and Chef Gregory Bazire from Taj Mahal Tea House, Mumbai,More
Published 13-Jun-2018 10:51 IST
Bengali cuisine boasts of a wide range of fish recipes. Though, to list all of them is not possible. Rather we will share those recipes time and again in a 'Fish Special Series' list of five popular fish recipes every weekend . So for this weekend here are some of those authentic and mouth-wateringMore
Published 09-Jun-2018 17:25 IST | Updated 17:35 IST
Like modak and parathas in India, wontons are a wonderful food in Chinese cuisine, as they provide a lot of scope for innovation. Here is a sumptuous version of Steamed Wontons made with a wholesome mixture of sautéed veggies, sprouts and noodles, which is stuffed into readymade wonton wrappers andMore
Published 07-Jun-2018 15:48 IST
This mint and green tea infused, simple sugar syrup is perfect to have on hand, whether used in a cocktail or iced tea. This minty syrup adds an extra burst of flavour and accentuates the taste of the dish. It is perfect to have in your fridge as summer sets in.
Published 07-Jun-2018 15:02 IST | Updated 15:15 IST
Originally an Arabic dish, haleem is said to have come here during the Mughal period via Iran and Afghanistan. The syrupy dish was Indianised with the addition of Indian spices, dry fruits, ghee and a unique style of cooking.
Published 05-Jun-2018 19:11 IST | Updated 19:50 IST
Eating a diet that includes peanuts, chickpeas, apples and a little amount of plant sterols may lower cholesterol and improve blood pressure, new research has found. The diet is based on the "Portfolio Diet," which is a plant-based dietary pattern that emphasises a portfolio of four provenMore
Published 05-Jun-2018 18:36 IST | Updated 18:51 IST
I love citrusy desserts because I find that the citrus flavour cuts down the sweetness and hence they are not too sweet. However the trick is to find that perfect balance of sweet and tart. This dessert has 3 layers and the combination gives the perfect bite of sweet and tart.
Published 05-Jun-2018 12:49 IST | Updated 15:42 IST
Khajoor ki mithai or sweet made of dates perfectly fit the occasion of Ramadan. An easy to prepare sweets, khajoor ki mithai is best for the month of Ramadan. As dates packed with nutrients becomes essential for body post fasting. And that chewy nutty taste, once you bite into the cake, it is theMore
Published 04-Jun-2018 17:13 IST
Kokum has been known to not only provide a tangy taste but also as a cooling ingredient in this classic summer refresher. Kokum is very effective in summer for it's cooling properties. It reduces the body heat, refreshes and energises as well. The concentrate can be kept handy in the refrigeratorMore
Published 31-May-2018 19:03 IST
This nutrient-packed smoothie gives you the energy boost required before or after a workout at the gym, it’s a great way to start the day too. Papayas are easily available in the market during the season, using honey is a healthier alternative to using sugar to sweeten this drink.
Published 30-May-2018 16:56 IST | Updated 11:03 IST
Goan cuisine has many flavours with its vast treasure of culinary delights. A dal preparation with drumstick popularly called sangacho ros in Konkani is one such dish. Sango means drumstick and ros means gravy. This is a very tasty curry which is generally eaten with rice and can also be served asMore
Published 28-May-2018 14:25 IST | Updated 14:48 IST
Try this drink with its beautiful green cooling colour given by the khus syrup. As it soothes your eyes a quick sip will make you realise the chilling effect it has on your body. Ideal for scorching summer days, whether you have guests over or are spending time with the family. Khus syrup and subzaMore
Published 26-May-2018 17:32 IST
Originating from Mughal India Sheer Khurma gradually gained popularity in the neighbour countries as well. Sheer means milk in Persian and Khurma means dates. And what else can be good to break a fast with other than dates. Dates have a lot of significance during the fasting days and is the firstMore
Published 25-May-2018 17:36 IST
This Allahabadi cutlet is quite spicy and a little different from the regular cutlets. Allahabadi cutlet is an extremely simple and gets ready in minutes if you have your potatoes boiled and mashed already.
Published 23-May-2018 17:26 IST
During this Ramadan, impress your family and friends with self-made gosht badam korma or keema with recipes lent by experts.
Published 22-May-2018 16:27 IST
Chicken nihari is a a fiery spicy stew consisting of slow cooked mutton/beef or chicken with Indian masala ingredients.
Published 22-May-2018 15:20 IST
Innovative cocktails like the one made with chilli and rasam powder, as also discounts and freebies would mark this year'ss World Whisky Day on Today, senior hotel industry officials in three metros said. World Whisky Day is celebrated on the third Saturday of May each year.
Published 19-May-2018 17:33 IST
Consuming fish which are high in Omega-3 fatty acids twice a week can help reduce the risk of heart failure, coronary heart disease, cardiac arrest and ischemic stroke, says a new scientific advisory from the American Heart Association. The Association recommends eating two 3.5-ounce servings ofMore
Published 18-May-2018 17:31 IST
Firni is a traditional sweet dish which is prepared using rice. Rooh afza firni is a newer version of firni which is prepared using rooh afza syrup along with other ingredients.
Published 17-May-2018 16:45 IST | Updated 14:02 IST
Eating the right fruits, vegetables and spices can ensure you remain cool during the summer season, suggest experts. Here are some five such easy tips that will help your body cope with the heat.
Published 17-May-2018 12:59 IST

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