Finally, the long-awaited Durga Puja or Durgotsava is here. Today is Maha Sasthi, the 6th day of the Navratri, the nine days in Hindu mythological when Goddess Durga is worshipped in nine different forms. And this is the day that marks the beginning of Bengali's Durga puja frenzy. The preparationMore
Published 26-Sep-2017 16:30 IST | Updated 17:15 IST
For most of us, nine-day long Navratri fasting is only a religious practice but if we look at it closely, there is a scientific reason behind it. During Navratri, we witness a change in weather and changing climate lowers our body's immunity, this is why we fast - to keep your diet healthy and toMore
Published 26-Sep-2017 15:19 IST
New Delhi: Festivals are an opportunity to gorge on food delights. For the ongoing Onam celebrations, go for some homemade delicacies using ingredients like raw mango and coconut milk. Here is the list of three Chef's special dishes that one can enjoy this Onam.
Published 04-Sep-2017 11:30 IST
Karanji, as well as gujiya, are made in different parts of India with stuffings. Gujiya has a stuffing of mawa/Khoya with dry fruits. It is a sweet snack often made for festive occasions like Diwali and Ganesh chathurthi.
Published 01-Sep-2017 15:33 IST
Chatpata bread pakora is a favourite breakfast or anytime snack in Delhi. Slices of bread are dipped in a spicy besan/gram flour batter and deep fried until they turn golden brown.
Published 29-Aug-2017 14:47 IST | Updated 12:27 IST
Well-known as an accompaniment for chole, piping hot bhatura is a delightful treat for all, especially on damp and rainy evenings.
Published 29-Aug-2017 14:23 IST | Updated 11:59 IST
As compared to aloo paratha this healthy breakfast is no less than a favourite when given as an option. With all the goodness of cauliflower blended with Indian spices simply tastes superb.
Published 29-Aug-2017 13:39 IST | Updated 13:47 IST
Amritsari kulcha is a delicious Punjabi recipe relished in various parts of India. It tastes best when served with chole. These kulchas are made by stuffing potato filling into it. Kulcha is a type of leavened bread originated from the Indian subcontinent and eaten in India and Pakistan. Kulchas canMore
Published 29-Aug-2017 13:34 IST | Updated 14:24 IST
Cooked moong dal is spiced with red chilli powder, green chillies, salt and stuffed into the dough to make paratha.
Published 29-Aug-2017 13:27 IST | Updated 14:30 IST
In Punjab, every street is famous for tandoor, the person who maintains the tandoor for a small charge would make the naans or rotis in the tandoor. Naan is a soft dough is made with Maida and baking powder, soda and rolled into thick naans on a tawa that puff up and develope gold brown spots andMore
Published 29-Aug-2017 13:23 IST | Updated 14:42 IST
A Rajasthani special dish,enjoyed in breakfast and also a great option to pack for lunch boxes. Also good for journey.
Published 29-Aug-2017 13:18 IST | Updated 17:24 IST
A combination of green vegetable and egg with goodness of cream.
Published 29-Aug-2017 13:10 IST
A different way of preparing eggs with curry.
Published 29-Aug-2017 12:58 IST | Updated 15:38 IST
Modak is synonym with the celebrations of Ganesh Chaturthi. Once traditional sweet dumplings stuffed with a filling of coconut and jaggery has now taken a modern twist with the innovative stuffing of chocolate, orange and almonds, etc.
Published 28-Aug-2017 10:24 IST
A royal, rich, creamy onion and tomato based gravy with paneer cubes.
Published 28-Aug-2017 15:05 IST | Updated 16:30 IST
A mouth watering dish which is a part of breakfast of almost every kitchen.
Published 28-Aug-2017 14:58 IST | Updated 16:13 IST
Mithi lolo is a sweet thick chapati made from wheat flour, sugar and jaggery. You could call it a sweet version of the Sindhi koki. It requires slow fire cooking and after it is cooked it is soaked in ghee. This is a true Sindhi breakfast dish. Mithi lolo has lot of significance in Sindhi culture.More
Published 28-Aug-2017 10:32 IST | Updated 11:50 IST
The traditional modak gets a new ingredient, moong dal, which is both healthy and tasty.
Published 26-Aug-2017 12:35 IST | Updated 12:38 IST
A tropical fruit for Lord Ganesha’s favourite sweet, the modak. The mango goes as the stuffing which adds an extra zing.
Published 25-Aug-2017 16:39 IST
A twist in the usual modak recipe without the traditional outer covering and cast in moulds.
Published 24-Aug-2017 10:10 IST | Updated 10:50 IST

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