This easy-to-make chocolate cake is dark, moist, rich. Not quite as easy as boxed cake mixes, but those often contain trans fats. Our simple “from scratch” recipe gives you a home-baked cake with healthful canola oil and whole-wheat flour.
Published 19-Jun-2017 17:34 IST
Gongura pachadi or gongura pickle is a widely made pickle all across Andhra Pradesh. As the name suggests this authentic recipe from Andhra cuisine is made of gongura leaves or sorrel leaves. And its hot, spicy and tangy taste is a hit among most of the south Indians.
Published 17-Jun-2017 14:56 IST
Panjiri is a traditional Indian whole wheat flour/atta based sweet prepared in the northern states of India especially Punjab. It is considered a fasting food and a must make Prasad for festivals like Jan Ashtami or while performing Satya Narayana Pooja. It is very popular in Pakistan too and isMore
Published 15-Jun-2017 17:34 IST
This is a cool, refreshing cocktail for a hot day, easiest made in a blender. This drink made with soothing flavours of ginger and mint will help you freshen up instantly.
Published 14-Jun-2017 17:04 IST
Hyderabad: Biryani may be Hyderabad's signature dish, but even the world-famous delicacy takes a back seat during the holy month of Ramadan in favour of haleem, a porridge-like dish made of wheat, lentils and meat. Such is the preference for haleem during Ramadan that no other dish even comes closeMore
Published 14-Jun-2017 12:04 IST | Updated 13:44 IST
A more intense version of the standard lemonade, this one has stronger flavours of lemon and is a lot more refreshing. This drink can also be bottled and kept in the regenerator for a few days, for when you need a quick cooler without the hassle of making one.
Published 13-Jun-2017 17:34 IST
Tangy Masala Karela Recipe combines the flavourful amchur and enlivened by other spices and onions. This easy-to-prepare healthy Karela recipe combines flavours to make it taste good without adding jaggery to reduce the acridity of the bitter gourd. This dry sabzi pairs well with Tawa Paratha, roti,More
Published 12-Jun-2017 17:30 IST
Chicken kabsa is widely held to be the national dish of Saudi Arabia and this spiced chicken-and-rice dinner couldn't have a more beautiful presentation -- it's served with fried almonds and raisins, parsley sprigs, and a citrusy yoghurt sauce. Packed with lots of flavours, this versatile andMore
Published 12-Jun-2017 10:54 IST | Updated 10:59 IST
The berries help in managing the mental decline associated with ageing populations and also helps people with brain disorders such as Parkinson's disease or depression
Published 09-Jun-2017 17:30 IST | Updated 17:32 IST
Kozhkari kuzhambu or Madras chicken curry is an excellent example of authentic south Indian food. Chicken cooked in a rich mix of Indian spices and turn to perfection after a good deal of cooking.
Published 09-Jun-2017 15:56 IST
Onion rava masala dosa is a delectably crispy dosa that can be prepared instantly, without the need for any fermentation. It is a very popular south Indian breakfast which is very easy to prepare.
Published 09-Jun-2017 13:25 IST
Who doesn’t love chocolates and here is a new recipe to enjoy your chocolates. It is a crispy, crunchy and delicious sandwich recipe.
Published 09-Jun-2017 12:56 IST
Chicken mayonnaise sandwich, this is one of my favourite sandwiches, it's creamy, full of flavour, and easy to prepare. Enjoy it cold or warm it will always taste amazing.
Published 08-Jun-2017 17:19 IST
It is a yummy sandwich which is stuffed with spiced paneer bhurji and then toasted or grilled to perfection and served with sauce. The best part about this sandwich recipe is all you need to have is paneer/ cottage cheese and just day to day spices and what turns out is an amazing treat for theMore
Published 07-Jun-2017 17:30 IST
Kane rava fry is one dish which is very closely associated with Mangalorean cuisine. It is a delicacy in coastal Karnataka. Easy to make and taste delicious.
Published 07-Jun-2017 16:48 IST
Traditional Iyengar Mor kuzhambu is an authentic recipe from Tamil cuisine. Mor kuzhambu prepared using traditional ingredients and served with steamed rice.
Published 06-Jun-2017 19:52 IST
Shankarpalli can be prepared as a sweet or savoury snack fried to the crisp is an excellent tea time snack. It is usually during Diwali festival. It is simple fried sweet diamond shapes biscuit like.
Published 06-Jun-2017 19:35 IST
Bored of eating chicken 65 and need something special and different. Here is a different version and it is this soya chunks 65 recipe. Spicy, crispy and soft soya chunks coated with Indian spices tastes awesome.
Published 06-Jun-2017 19:25 IST
A healthy millet recipe which can be tasty with sugar and grated coconut. Steamed ragi idiyappam makes a wholesome meal.
Published 06-Jun-2017 18:41 IST
Sweet paniyaram is a south Indian breakfast or snack recipe. Paniyaram can be sweet or savoury. This instant sweet paniyaram are best prepared with fresh coconut and jaggery and cooked in ghee.
Published 06-Jun-2017 17:21 IST

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