Apart from being harmful, sugar-sweetened beverages may also be addictive, researchers at the University of California have claimed in a study, published in the journal Appetite.
Published 21-Nov-2018 15:50 IST | Updated 15:59 IST
If you love Japanese cuisine and can gather the different ingredients that it needs, try out a few recipes to impress your guests.
Published 16-Nov-2018 16:59 IST
Feeding female babies soy-based formula milk can increase their risk of suffering from severe pain during their menstrual cycle later in their lives, warns a new study.
Published 14-Nov-2018 17:47 IST
Try spices at home to ward off cough and cold. They not only emit tantalizing aromas and make your meals delicious, but also protect you from infections. Star anise can help fight sore throat, cardamom resolves digestive issues and nutmeg boosts immunity, suggest experts.
Published 11-Nov-2018 00:15 IST
Sunflowers seeds offer amazing health benefits because of their nutritional value. The seeds have essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals which are vital for our body and hence it is important to add these variants in some form or the other, say experts.
Published 10-Nov-2018 08:14 IST
Winter is set to knock on doors soon so its time to get your dose of eggs on a regular basis. Go for it without holding yourself back.
Published 09-Nov-2018 09:44 IST | Updated 11:47 IST
Eating fish like salmon, trout and sardines can significantly reduce asthma symptoms in children, a study led by Australian researchers have found.
Published 08-Nov-2018 10:03 IST
Come Diwali and you cannot miss the lovely display of mithai and dry fruit decorated with silver leaf or chandi-ka-warq.
Published 07-Nov-2018 14:56 IST
Cottonseed can drastically improve cholesterol profiles in young adult men, a recent study suggests. The researchers conducted a five-day outpatient feeding trial of 15 healthy, normal weight men to test the effects of diets enriched with cottonseed oil and olive oil on lipid profiles. TheMore
Published 02-Nov-2018 07:59 IST
Washington: If you are a coffee lover, this might interest you.
Published 29-Oct-2018 07:41 IST
Whether celebrating a birthday, recovering from last nights festivities or simply enjoying the sunshine, millennials are driving brunch innovations.
Published 27-Oct-2018 07:14 IST
Guilty about your late night snacking habit that leads to weight gain? Switching to a protein-filled snack like cottage cheese can help you to have a positive effect on muscle quality, metabolism and overall health, say researchers.
Published 26-Oct-2018 16:44 IST
The festive season is here and Diwali is knocking on your door. The festival of lights also brings in its wake happiness, family get-togethers and lots of delicious food. Out of the varieties of foods available for Diwali celebrations, dry fruits and nuts are perhaps one of the most popular.
Published 24-Oct-2018 00:15 IST
Most of the components of food are necessary for growth and functions in the human body. A healthy diet is finding a balance between carbohydrates, fluid, macronutrients, micro nutrients, and adequate calories consumed. Abstaining from any of them may affect the body, and its functioning.
Published 22-Oct-2018 15:58 IST
Chapatis, bread, pasta or even noodles are not bad for health if they are cooked the right way, say experts.
Published 21-Oct-2018 00:15 IST
Suffering from digestive problems like leaky gut and colitis? Consuming three and a half cups of a fibrous vegetable with many nutrients, like broccoli, each day may help maintain a healthy gut, a new study has suggested.
Published 21-Oct-2018 00:15 IST
Okra, commonly known as 'lady’s fingers' belongs to the same plant family as hibiscus and cotton.
Published 20-Oct-2018 00:15 IST | Updated 12:19 IST
Navratri marks the auspicious start of autumn-winter festive season which continues till the end of Diwali. Mouth-watering sweets and scrumptious festive treats become the norm in every household during the almost-month long celebrations.
Published 17-Oct-2018 00:15 IST
In our seemingly always-on society, there's great temptation to shortchange sleep. But sleep is a vital driver of every physiological system in the human body, and when we're deprived of shuteye, health and well being can suffer in many ways.
Published 16-Oct-2018 00:15 IST
Regular exercise and workout are important to keep the body fit and healthy. It is therefore essential to consume nutritious and healthy food while keeping the body hydrated in order to keep it well for a long run.
Published 12-Oct-2018 13:45 IST

Impress guests with homemade Japanese food

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