Undiagnosed sexually transmitted infections (STI) can increase negative premenstrual symptoms (PMS) in women, according to a study.
Published 18-Sep-2018 14:42 IST
Usage of muscle relaxants -- a necessary part of anaesthesia during certain major operations -- may increase the risk of respiratory complications after surgery, a new study has found.
Published 18-Sep-2018 14:35 IST
Washington D.C.: Turns out, children born in the peak grass pollen season, October and December, may have a greater risk of developing respiratory diseases such as asthma.
Published 17-Sep-2018 11:55 IST
Psychotherapy recommended for women caring for children with severe health issues
Published 17-Sep-2018 10:21 IST
According to a study, certain environmental pollutants may be the reason for deteriorating kidney health in individuals. Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) are a large group of manufactured non-biodegradable compounds used in industrial processes and consumer products, and they areMore
Published 16-Sep-2018 08:28 IST
Aiming to lose weight? According to a study, choosing the wrong meal (no matter the quantity) can leave you craving for more.
Published 13-Sep-2018 09:57 IST
New Delhi: According to a recent study the body’s cells that protect it from infection are infected by Zika virus. Zika virus particularly infects Macrophages, cells that protect body from infection.
Published 11-Sep-2018 10:51 IST
London: Researchers have developed a new vibrating device using bone conduction technology, that can identify the causes of dizziness.
Published 10-Sep-2018 15:16 IST
Researchers have found another reason for you to add whole grains to your diet. According to the latest study, it doesn't matter if it is rye, oats, or wheat.
Published 09-Sep-2018 11:11 IST
Two brain regions apparently play a pivotal role in forgetting, as per a new study. Researchers from Ruhr-Universitat Bochum and the University Hospital of Gießen and Marburg, in collaboration with colleagues from Bonn, the Netherlands, and the UK, have analysed what happens in the brain when humansMore
Published 08-Sep-2018 11:30 IST
New Delhi: Former UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon hailed the Delhi government's Mohalla Clinics on Friday by calling the scheme the "best form of healthcare" and said that the Centre should implement the model across the country.
Published 07-Sep-2018 17:29 IST
Sydney: Australian scientists are developing a simple blood test that quickly and easily detects whether a person is at risk of a secondary heart attack.
Published 07-Sep-2018 16:31 IST | Updated 16:35 IST
According to a new research, children have different preferences for how food should be arranged, depending on their gender and age. The aim of the research from Future Consumer Lab was to examine whether children prefer their food served in a particular way and whether their gender and age make aMore
Published 05-Sep-2018 18:07 IST
New Delhi: According to a new study, 10-year absolute risk estimates for dementia, which is specific to age and sex. It may help identify high-risk individuals who could potentially benefit from early targeted prevention.
Published 04-Sep-2018 20:12 IST
Despite coconut oil being considered as the most preferred form of cooking oil in many parts of the world, a Harvard professor has labelled it as 'poison'. In a speech by Harvard Professor Karin Michels, he repeatedly labelled the oil as 'poison' in a German talk which was titled 'Coconut Oil andMore
Published 02-Sep-2018 13:28 IST
Innovation and disruption have spared none and it is evident in all segments of business, with the fitness industry now taking this route in the India.
Published 02-Sep-2018 00:15 IST
Turns out, modest changes in breakfast and dinner times can reduce body fat.
Published 31-Aug-2018 21:08 IST
New Delhi: It is said that "once a cesarean, always a cesarean". It is commonly believed that a woman who has undergone a c-section delivery will have to opt for the same method while giving birth to her next child. But medical experts are trying to dispel this myth.
Published 31-Aug-2018 11:48 IST | Updated 15:29 IST
Obesity diminishes a person's ability to build muscle after engaging in resistance exercise, according to a new study.
Published 30-Aug-2018 00:15 IST
Can food insecurity lead to an increased risk of mortality? Food security is related to the supply of food, and one's access to it. It may occur due to an insufficient quantity of affordable, nutritious food.
Published 29-Aug-2018 19:03 IST

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