Replacing one to two servings of animal proteins like meat and milk products with plant proteins such as soy, nuts and pulses daily could reduce main cholesterol markers and prevent your risk of heart disease and stroke, finds a study.
Published 23-Dec-2017 00:15 IST
Feeding eggs to infants could provide them with key nutrients for better brains. A study has found that infants who were introduced to eggs in beginning at 6 months showed significantly higher blood concentrations of choline, other biomarkers in choline pathways, and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA).
Published 23-Dec-2017 00:15 IST
A cancer diagnosis affects a person's sexual functioning, according to a research. The study, led by the University of Houston, found that more than half of young cancer patients reported problems with sexual function, with the probability of reporting sexual dysfunction increasing over time.
Published 22-Dec-2017 00:15 IST
Young men suffering from erectile dysfunction may be at an increased risk of developing heart disease -- the leading cause of death among men worldwide, finds a study.
Published 20-Dec-2017 00:15 IST
A study, aimed to provide insights on the factors that affect health-related quality of life in older adults with cancer, has focused on the importance of addressing persistent symptoms, managing comorbidities, promoting leisure-time physical activity, and addressing financial challenges.
Published 20-Dec-2017 00:15 IST
According to a recent study, a third of diabetics, who have been prescribed the most common diabetes drug, are not taking their medication because of side effects.
Published 20-Dec-2017 00:15 IST
Can food serve as a medicine? Sometimes, yes. It's becoming clear in recent years that what you eat can be highly effective in preventing or reversing some health problems, especially chronic constipation. Constipation is a common condition defined as having fewer than three bowel movements a week.More
Published 17-Dec-2017 00:15 IST
Dementia is a collection of symptoms that can occur due to a variety of possible diseases. The symptoms include impairments in thought, communication, and memory. But, according to a recent research, being repetitive could also be an early sign of dementia.
Published 17-Dec-2017 00:15 IST
Vitamin supplements can boost energy, lose weight, beat stress, improve performance, and reduce wrinkles, but taking too many of them could lead to an unwanted side effect.
Published 16-Dec-2017 00:15 IST
Children following a healthy diet consisting of fruits and vegetables, while limiting intake of refined sugars and fat, may have better self-esteem and fewer emotional and strong peer relationships, according to a study.
Published 16-Dec-2017 00:15 IST
If you thought the sex lives of humans were complicated, consider the case of the female Aedes aegypti mosquito, bringer of Zika, dengue, and yellow fever. She mates but once, in seconds and on the wing, with one lucky male; spurns all further advances from other potential suitors; and stores enoughMore
Published 15-Dec-2017 00:15 IST
One of the most common questions people ask these days is how to lose belly fat. Belly fat is actually the most dangerous type of fat - besides aesthetics, large waist lines re indicators of -- disease.
Published 15-Dec-2017 00:15 IST
Diet and dietary practices differentially affect mental health in young adults versus older adults, according to new research from Binghamton University, State University of New York. Lina Begdache, assistant professor of health and wellness studies at Binghamton University, along with fellowMore
Published 14-Dec-2017 00:15 IST
Try spices at home to ward off cough and cold. They not only emit tantalizing aromas and make your meals delicious, but also protect you from infections. Star anise can help fight sore throat, cardamom resolves digestive issues and nutmeg boosts immunity, suggest experts.
Published 14-Dec-2017 00:15 IST
Marijuana is considered to be a medicinal drug and if consumed for health purposes, it can be useful for a person. But, now a study has found that marijuana might really help HIV patients keep mental stamina longer.
Published 14-Dec-2017 00:15 IST
Pregnant women, take note! If you are suffering from rheumatoid arthritis, your kid is at increased risk for developing certain chronic diseases during childhood and adolescence. To look into the issue, Line Jølving, MHS of Odense University Hospital and her colleagues conducted a nationwide studyMore
Published 13-Dec-2017 00:15 IST
New research suggests that young adults who have used electronic cigarettes are four times more likely than others to start smoking tobacco cigarettes within 18 months. The findings demonstrate that e-cigarettes are serving as a gateway to traditional smoking, contrary to their purported value as aMore
Published 13-Dec-2017 00:15 IST
Chemists at the University of Bristol have made the first steps towards making sustainable petrol using beer as a key ingredient.
Published 11-Dec-2017 00:15 IST
Researchers test the effects of carbon nanotubes on the growth of wheatgrass. While some showed no effect, purified single-walled nanotubes dispersed in water enhanced the plants' growth, while the same nanotubes in an organic solvent retarded their development.
Published 11-Dec-2017 00:15 IST
Playing 3D-platform video games on a regular basis may improve cognitive functions in seniors and increase grey matter in a brain structure called the hippocampus, a new study suggests.
Published 11-Dec-2017 00:15 IST

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