Do you consume alcohol with energy drinks just to counteract its sedative nature? If so, it can exacerbate the negative effects of binge drinking such as increasing violence and risky behaviour, finds a study.
Published 15-Aug-2018 15:21 IST
Are you addicted to your smartphones, laptops and tablets? The blue light emitting from these digital devices can affect your eye's retina and lead to age-related macular degeneration, according to a research led by a professor of Indian-origin.
Published 15-Aug-2018 12:08 IST
People suffering with severe lung disease could also be effectively treated by orally taking statins that help lower cholestrol levels, say researchers.
Published 14-Aug-2018 10:57 IST
Engaging in exercises such as cycling, aerobics and gymming for more than three hours a day can worsen mental health than not exercising at all, a study has found.
Published 14-Aug-2018 10:36 IST
There is no simple way to detect Alzheimer's. But now, in a new study, researchers have found that eye conditions provide new lens screening for the disease.
Published 14-Aug-2018 10:19 IST
Toronto: Women with intellectual and developmental disabilities like autism and Down syndrome have nearly double the rate of having another baby within a year of delivering compared to women without such disabilities, indicating a lack of access to reproductive planning, a new study has found.
Published 13-Aug-2018 15:01 IST | Updated 15:07 IST
Did you know! Having access to the broadband internet can cause sleep deprivation. According to a recent study conducted by Bocconi University, access to high-speed internet reduces sleep duration and sleep satisfaction in individuals that face time constraints in the morning for work or familyMore
Published 13-Aug-2018 13:05 IST
Did you know! Women and men experience different benefits from low-calorie diets. In the study of more than 2,000 overweight individuals with pre-diabetes who followed a low-calorie diet for eight weeks, men lost significantly more body weight than women, and they had larger reductions in aMore
Published 13-Aug-2018 12:24 IST
Washington: Blue light from digital devices including smartphones could accelerate blindness, researchers have found.
Published 13-Aug-2018 12:05 IST | Updated 12:21 IST
Atrial fibrillation is a condition that can make your heart race and put you at risk for stroke. But people who are obese are more prone to it and can reduce it if they exercise regularly.
Published 13-Aug-2018 08:39 IST | Updated 09:14 IST
A recent study has discovered that adolescent health programs across the world receive only a tiny share of international aid, even though young people make up 30 percent of the population of low-income countries.
Published 12-Aug-2018 10:39 IST
Adolescents with serious conduct and substance use problems are five times more likely to die prematurely than their peers, a recent study has found. The study also suggests that while drug and alcohol use among adolescents draws more attention, antisocial behavior--including rule-breakingMore
Published 12-Aug-2018 10:29 IST
Hyderabad: Lack of awareness among women has led to the death of tens of thousands of women ever year in India during pregnancy. However, a new research on pregnant women suggests that practicing yoga activates the parasympathetic nervous system which helps in reducing depression-related symptoms,More
Published 12-Aug-2018 01:00 IST | Updated 19:18 IST
Nine out of 10 people caring for a family member with dementia don't get enough sleep, finds a study. The researchers found that most participants got less than six hours of sleep each night, accompanied by frequent awakenings as often as four times per hour.
Published 11-Aug-2018 14:59 IST | Updated 15:09 IST
There has been a good deal of consensus among scientific experts that climate change is real, and that it is caused by human behaviour for many years now. However, a recent study has claimed that psychological science may be effective in reducing the impact of climate change.
Published 11-Aug-2018 13:23 IST
Turns out, genetic mutations in appendix cancer are distinct from those found in colon cancer and that mutations in the genes are good predictors of survival among people with appendix cancer.
Published 11-Aug-2018 11:38 IST
A new research has found that young adults who frequently binge drink are more likely to have specific cardiovascular risk factors at a younger age than non-binge drinkers. You might now want to think before you go out drinking tonight.
Published 11-Aug-2018 09:25 IST
Recent study has suggests that not everyone indulging in the use of substance like nicotine, alcohol, cannabis, and cocaine end up with substance use disorder. Research indicates that the risk factors for substance use and for substance use disorder (SUD) differ to some extent.
Published 10-Aug-2018 12:43 IST | Updated 12:50 IST
Wearable devices have been a trending topic in health and wellness for a few years. A recent study was conducted to find their impact and usefulness in our daily lives. "Despite the fact that we live in an era of 'big data,' we know surprisingly little about the suitability or effectiveness of theseMore
Published 10-Aug-2018 12:06 IST
Healthcare experts are arguing that there is a need for an all-inclusive and result oriented fitness for children in India. Children's health is becoming a matter of concern globally. According to the World Health Organisation obese children tend to fall prey to lifestyle diseases to the extent ofMore
Published 10-Aug-2018 10:34 IST

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