For many students, exam-time is that dreaded reality which has the ability to send them into complete and utter panic.
Published 15-Feb-2018 00:15 IST
After nearly two decades of sluggish growth, the global music industry has finally begun to show some optimistic signs of a much-needed resurgence.
Published 12-Feb-2018 00:15 IST
Contrary to the popular believe that people tend to be more satisfied after an increase in their wage, a new study suggests that it may be temporary and not have a persistent effect on job satisfaction.
Published 10-Feb-2018 00:15 IST
The generation of millennial, who left no stone unturned to make different, more unconventional career choices than their parents are now bustling parents themselves.
Published 07-Feb-2018 00:15 IST
Do you feel that your friends are getting bored while listening to your stories or personal experiences? If so, try saying things that are more familiar to them, suggests a research.
Published 06-Feb-2018 00:15 IST
The world of design is fast evolving and organisations are thoughtfully finding ways to create authenticity in the workplace. The design of workspaces unknowingly inspires people to come to work and is also seen to have a profound impact on their performance and how they behave so jazz up yourMore
Published 01-Feb-2018 00:15 IST | Updated 06:48 IST
Meetings are an important part of work - an opportunity to touch base with colleagues, share information and create plans.
Published 29-Jan-2018 00:15 IST | Updated 06:48 IST
If you work in a female-dominated workplace, chances of having access to flexible working arrangements could be less and not more as commonly assumed, new research suggests.
Published 27-Jan-2018 00:15 IST
Ever wondered, why do some people seem locked in a lifelong battle for self-control while others are so self-disciplined - impervious to overeating, overspending or binge-watching TV shows when they feel pressured?
Published 23-Jan-2018 00:15 IST
A lot of new age startups are now providing products and solutions with the aim of making the tough journey of a parent a bit easier.
Published 20-Jan-2018 00:15 IST
In many ways, 2017 was a great year for female film-makers. Directors like Greta Gerwig, Patty Jenkins and Dee Cees did not only get love from the critics, but also achieved massive box office success across genres.
Published 12-Jan-2018 00:15 IST
Making tiny changes in our day-to-day functions will go a long way in maintaining the mental and physical well being, especially if we work for more than 12 hours a day.
Published 11-Jan-2018 00:15 IST
Co-workers form a large part of your professional life, both in terms of work and social interaction. However, you may get separated from your colleagues due to personal or professional reasons. This sudden parting can be disturbing.
Published 10-Jan-2018 00:15 IST
Is it hard for you to handle the new female boss? Impressing any lady isn't easy anymore. And when it comes to work, always keep in mind that it takes a lot for a women to reach that position in life and she will never be easy.
Published 09-Jan-2018 00:15 IST
Watching forensic science dramas and crime shows such as Sherlock Holmes or the CSI: Crime Scene Investigation may not give potential criminals the ability to conceal a crime, a study has found.
Published 08-Jan-2018 12:32 IST
While no one is entirely an introvert or an extrovert, one tends to incline to either of the personality traits. Introverts can have a hard time socializing and may face some challenges when working around their careers.
Published 05-Jan-2018 00:15 IST
Late last year, business reporters from across the world were invited to Shanghai - China's largest city - to witness the people of the most populous country in the world shop relentlessly for 24 hours.
Published 03-Jan-2018 00:15 IST
Love to toss creative ideas in the brainstorming session at your workplace? If you are a woman, beware, you are more likely to receive less credit than your male counterparts, new research revealed. The findings showed that when it comes time to replace the team's leader, these men are more likelyMore
Published 19-Dec-2017 00:15 IST has announced the launch of its platform helping students seeking to study abroad who often face problems in the application and visa process.
Published 15-Dec-2017 00:15 IST
Languages can be really sexy and a recent survey has revealed which is the sexiest of them all.
Published 09-Dec-2017 00:15 IST

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