The Supreme Court of India is the country’s highest judicial forum and also the final court of appeal. It came into being on January 28, 1950. As per the Indian Constitution, the role of the Supreme Court is that of a federal court and guardian of the Constitution. The Supreme Court has Original jurisdiction, Appellate jurisdiction and Advisory jurisdiction. It is the highest appellate court that takes up appeals against rulings given by High Courts and other courts of the States and Union Territories.
Published 22-Jan-2015 20:15 IST
The Supreme Court is the highest judicial organ in the country. Its jurisdiction may be classified as follows:
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The Supreme court Judges in India are appointed by the President on the advice of his Council of Ministers and in consultation with such persons as he deems fit. In the appointment of the Chief Justice, the President consults such judges of the Supreme Court and High Courts as he thinks necessary.
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