Telling stories from the epics using hand-drawn tableaux images in scroll paintings, with accompanying live sounds have been an age old Indian tradition. These tales, mostly the familiar stories of gods and goddesses, are revealed slowly through choreographic movements of painted glass slides in a lantern, which create illusions of movements. And so when the Lumire brothers' representatives held the first public showing at Mumbai's (Bombay) Watson's Hotel on July 7, 1896, the new phenomenon did not create much of aMore
Published 10-Oct-2014 21:02 IST
The first film in Southern India was made in 1916 by R Nataraja Mudaliar- Keechaka Vadham. As the title indicates the subject is again a mythological from the Mahabharata. Another film made in Madras - Valli Thiru-Manam (1921) by Whittaker drew critical acclaim and box office success.
Published 10-Oct-2014 21:27 IST
Indian cinema completed 100 years of its existence. India’s first movie Raja Harischandra, a Marathi silent film was released in the 1913 and the movie was the beginning of a never ending journey. Indian cinema has evolved; from technology to acting, everything has developed. Today Indian cinema boasts of visual-sound effects, film making schools and people ready to invest in movies just like in any other business, all of which were distant dreams a few decades back.
Published 10-Oct-2014 21:46 IST
Even as the Indian cinema aptly fits the straightforward description of the ‘world’s biggest film industry’, Indian film scholars find it difficult to come to terms with its diversity and seeming contradictions. The mistake that non-Indian commentators (and some Indians) often make is to assume that ‘Bollywood’ is the same thing as Indian cinema, but it isn’t.
Published 26-Aug-2014 22:29 IST

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